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商业 & 家居

雷竞技官网 & 田纳西州纳什维尔的女佣服务

一个干净的家是一个幸福的家! There isn’t a better or more relaxing feeling than when you come home to a clean home. Life can be hectic and it is easy to get behind at times, why not let 整洁的TN get your house looking great, 并采取 打扫屋子 从你的待办事项清单上划掉?

我们提供一次性和重复的服务 房屋雷竞技官网入口 for houses, 公寓, 公寓, 和商业建筑. If you need a thorough cleaning for your Nashville area home, use the “book cleaning now” option to schedule your appointment now.

如果你在寻找 a reliable cleaning service 在纳什维尔, we can help. 我们的 clients love our timeliness and our eco-friendly cleaning products too. We know when you book a 打扫屋子 you need it to be done right and on time, 所以我们非常重视日程安排.

我们的 纳什维尔女仆服务 are among the top rated in middle TN and after your first cleaning, you will know why. 专业、礼貌、及时和注重细节只是我们所描述的几个方面.

If you live in the Nashville area and are looking for a great Nashville cleaning company, we would love the opportunity to earn your business.

整洁的TN is a residential cleaning company serving the Nashville area. 我们提供一次性和重复的服务 房屋雷竞技官网入口 在纳什维尔, in addition to our condo and apartment cleaning, rental property cleaning and move in/out 房屋雷竞技官网入口.

When you choose our Nashville 打扫屋子 our our 纳什维尔女仆服务, you can count of quality work and transparent pricing. 我们的 online booking form allows you to see the price, add any upgrades you need during your cleaning, 甚至可以方便地在线支付.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products, but we are able to accommodate special requests too. 我们的 team of house cleaners is trained, trustworthy, professional. We know your home if your most important possession, so we treat it with the care it deserves.

When you are looking for a residential 纳什维尔的女佣服务, 我们很乐意有机会向您展示是什么让我们成为2016年以来纳什维尔最好的房屋雷竞技官网入口之一. Click the book now button below to get your next 打扫屋子 scheduled today.

Have you just moved out and need to clean everything from top to bottom? 也许你要搬进新家,但不想看到前居住者的痕迹? We understand that moving is exhausting. Call us and we will take care of it while you enjoy your new home. If you are one of the hundreds of people moving to Nashville, let us get your new home ready so you can enjoy the city, 不要把你的第一天花在打扫上!

Whether you are moving in our out, our top to bottom 雷竞技官网入口 会让你的房子看起来很棒吗. 我们的 Nashville cleaning team receives specific training for move in and move out cleanings, so you can rest assured knowing the service and the results will be great.

If you own multiple properties and are looking for a company to clean all of your properties, 我们提供特价, so get in touch today 为更多的细节.

When the times comes to move to Nashville, or just to a new home in the Nashville area, our team is standing by to take the stress of cleaning off your plate!

To schedule your move in/move out cleaning,只需使用下面的“立即阅读”按钮!

Looking for a reliable, well-trained, thorough commercial cleaning service? Whether you need ongoing janitorial services, 深刻的商业办公室, 仓库, 或运动设施清洁, 或者介于两者之间, 整洁的TN可以帮助你. 我们的 Nashville commercial 雷竞技官网入口 are tailored to the needs of your company, large or small. We can take care of high touch surfaces, clean carpets and tile floors, vacuum, more. Every business 在纳什维尔 has unique janitorial & 商业清洁需要,所以我们采取定制的方法来建立一个计划,这是完美的为您. Get in touch today to request your custom commercial cleaning quote.

整洁的TN团队自豪地提供 公寓雷竞技官网入口 对于租房者, 公寓, 主人, or short term rental 主人 that need a cleaning in between tenants.

如果你租公寓或公寓,我们的 房屋雷竞技官网入口 你应该预订什么,使用 简易网上预约表格. 

If you own an 公寓 and need 公寓 cleaned after tenants move out, 我们的搬家清洁 服务是完美的选择.

如果你拥有一套公寓或共管公寓,并提供VRBO或其他短期租赁选择,需要在租户之间进行雷竞技官网入口, 看看我们 Airbnb / VRBO雷竞技官网入口 为更多的细节.

我们所有的公寓雷竞技官网入口都采用环保清洁产品,并将由我们训练有素的专业人员执行.  如果你在寻找 a thorough apartment cleaning 在纳什维尔, 布伦特伍德, 或者富兰克林, use the button below to 现在预约清洁.

If you have any questions about our apartment cleaning service, please call prior to booking.

Here are some of the most common Nashville neigborhoods we work in.

  • 纳什维尔市区
  • 东纳什维尔
  • 西区
  • Edgehill
  • Elliston地方
  • 日耳曼敦纳什维尔
  • 青山
  • 的峡谷
  • 西斯波罗村
  • 马拉松村
  • 12南
  • 第八大街年代
  • 贝尔蒙特大街
  • 贝瑞山
  • Demonbreun山
  • 梅尔罗斯
  • 中城
  • Sobro
  • 森林的公园
  • 音乐行
  • 西纳什维尔
  • Nashboro村
  • 多纳尔逊
  • Joelton
  • 范德比尔特
  • 纳什维尔地铁

We also provide residential 雷竞技官网入口 in 布伦特伍德, 富兰克林, 春天山上,TN.

如果你在寻找 one-time, ongoing, or move out cleaning in the Nashville area, 现在预约清洁 using our simple online form.

雷竞技官网 & 雷竞技官网入口



  • 标准 & 深层清洁选项
  • 环保的清洁产品
  • 彻底细致的清洁


  • 使用我们的表格查找和预约您的时间
  • 完成付款以确认您的时间
  • 放松,享受你干净的家!

服务 & 定价

  • 简单的前期定价
  • 固定的价格升级选项
  • Detailed Cleanings with Great Customer Service



Tired of playing phone tag for hours or days, only to find out you can get a cleaning scheduled for three weeks? 我们的简单和安全的在线表单使它很容易找到一个时间,为您工作,并预订它时,你准备好了.


曾经联系过一个清洁工,在客人到来或你即将到来的出生湾bash开始之前,做很多需要的清理工作, only to be left scrambling when they don’t show? 是的,这就是为什么我们非常重视预定的时间和预约,这意味着你可以指望


我们的 team of cleaners is highly trained and professional. We take a courteous professional approach with all of our clients. The satisfaction of our customers motivates us to be even better. Give us once chance and you will see what makes us the best cleaning service 在纳什维尔.


Getting your house cleaned should be relaxing and enjoyable. 我们的在线预订表单为您提供预先定价,甚至固定价格的可选升级,以便您知道全部成本. If for any reason the price will change, we will discuss it before starting on your home.


Booking should be simple and straightforward. We have setup a 简易网上预约表格 that will allow you to enter your details, 添加你想要的任何升级, 得到一个报价, 在线支付. You can access the booking form any time on your phone or computer, 所以在你方便的时候预定.

和你一样,我们不喜欢隐藏成本,这就是为什么你可以得到你的最终价格,并在网上支付. 如果由于某些原因,我们的清洁团队来了,你的房子需要比预期更多的东西, we will let you know before getting started. This keeps you in control of the costs, not shocked by them.

如果你在寻找 很棒的房屋雷竞技官网入口 你住在纳什维尔 布伦特伍德, or 富兰克林, use our simple and secure form today to 现在预约清洁. 我们的 Nashville cleaning service is second to none!

After you have submitted a cleaning request form, 我们团队的人会通过电子邮件或电话联系您,确认您的预订. At that time we will discuss your needs and answer any questions that you have.


  • 如果你有宠物
  • If someone will be home to let us in or arrange a way for us to enter your home
  • If there is an area that you don’t want us to clean
  • 如果你有平面油漆
  • 如果你有什么东西坏了
  • If there is a certain way you would 喜欢你的家 or a specific area cleaned



✓ Book your appointment online or by phone











你的女仆会迎接你,并和你一起浏览一份快速的问卷,以确保你所有的期望都得到满足. 你的服务员会给你一张当天需要清洁的物品清单,让你有机会添加你可能需要的其他服务. After you’ve reviewed the list all you have to do is sign it, 坐下来放松一下, 你的女仆就能工作了.

当你的女仆收拾好你的房子, 他们会检查他们清理过的东西,让你有机会检查他们的工作,并解决你的任何顾虑. 当您满意时,您将签署完成的工作表格,并支付信用卡,现金,或支票. At that time you will be able to schedule your next appointment if you wish.

5个工作日内, one of our team members will reach out to you either by phone or email,  看看你的体验如何,问问我们可以做些什么来让你的体验更好.


我们的 standard 房屋雷竞技官网入口 includes the following:


  • 每个房间整洁
  • 清扫或真空地板
  • 拖把如果适用
  • 尘埃吊扇
  • 光除尘
  • 现场清洁地脚线



  • 清洁工作台面
  • 清洁柜外
  • 清洁抛光槽
  • 清洁和擦亮水龙头
  • 清洁电器外部
  • Load one load of dishes into the dishwasher
  • 扫描
  • 拖把
  • 现场清洁地脚线
  • 空垃圾



  • 干净的桌子
  • 擦椅顶
  • 扫描
  • 拖把
  • 光除尘
  • 现场清洁地脚线


  • 清洁工作台面
  • 清洁柜外
  • 清洁抛光槽
  • 清洁和擦亮水龙头
  • 扫描
  • 拖把
  • 清洁镜子
  • 干净的厕所
  • 清洁浴缸/淋浴
  • 空垃圾
  • 光除尘
  • 现场清洁地脚线



  • 铺床
  • 扫描/真空
  • 光除尘
  • 点灰尘地脚线


  • 清洁窗户
  • 清洁微波炉内部
  • 清洁冰箱内部
  • 清洁烤箱内部
  • 改变床上用品
  • 真空家具
  • 清洗所有的地脚线
  • 打扫走廊
  • 打扫车库地板上



  • Items not easily accessible from a step stool
  • 看起来松动或损坏的固定装置
  • 墙面装饰显得松散
  • 用平漆涂漆的墙壁
  • Bodily fluids (except in/ around toilets)
  • 动物粪便
  • 洗衣
  • 地毯

我们喜欢你毛茸茸的朋友,如果它们不在板条箱里或者被阻挡在我们工作的区域之外,我们就无法打扫你的家. Your pet may be just as excited to see us as we are to see them, but for their 安全ty and ours they must be in a different room or in a crate.

What Separates 整洁的TN from All the Others?


及时的服务 ——通常, a cleaner will either not show up or will have to reschedule an appointment, which will be rescheduled multiple times. 整洁的TN将与您确认,您的清洁工将在预定的时间为您的家提供服务.

一致的结果 -我们有既定的程序,确保您的家在每次预约时都按照既定的标准进行清洁, regardless of which team member is physically conducting the service. 如果你喜欢清洁工,请告诉我们. We will do our best to have that cleaner return to your home.

简单订舱及定价 — There is no guesswork when booking a cleaning appointment. We will never say “We won’t know until we get in there!“我们的清洁报价计算器使用简单,将帮助您确定清洁的成本, whether you only need a single room or your entire home.

We provide cleaning service to those households within the Greater Nashville Area, 包括地铁纳什维尔, 市中心, 贝瑞山, 青山, 和东纳什维尔. We also extend residential 雷竞技官网入口 to select areas south of the city, specifically the cities of 布伦特伍德 and 富兰克林.

毫无疑问! 由整洁的TN雇佣的团队成员经过严格的背景检查,以确保您的家庭和您的宝贵财产的安全, as well as the 安全ty of you and your family. They are fully trained in the latest cleaning techniques, as well as the proper use of cleaning solutions, to protect your furniture and personal effects from mishandling. Each team member is 保税 and 被保险人 for additional protection.

当然,我们有! While others may ask or require you to provide the materials, we certainly will not be making such a request! 当你雇我们打扫你家的时候, 我们提供人员进行服务,以及任何工具和必要的用品进行清洁.

你光着脚在家里走来走去. Your dogs or cats roam around the house on all fours. Your children are on every surface imaginable. 这就是为什么我们在进行服务时不使用刺激性化学品或洗涤剂的原因(可根据要求提供漂白剂). 我们使用无毒, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that do not aggravate skin conditions, 呼吸困难, or otherwise exacerbate medical ailments. These same solutions leave your home feeling and smelling — well, 喜欢你的家, not like a sterilized hospital as other cleaning chemicals tend to do.

Is There Anything I Need to Do Before My Appointment?
没什么特别的. 咨询我们的项目清单,我们不能在服务期间清洁,看看这些少数问题是否适用于你, 但除此之外,你还是可以走的. 整洁的TN team members are prepared to do some light recovery of any rooms scheduled for service. This includes stacking up children’s books, 把鞋子搬到壁橱里, 或其他可能需要进行必要的清洁的小整理(这些不一定要以任何特定的方式组织, 然而).

如果家里有宠物的话, 请确保将它们放在没有服务的房间或宠物笼中. We love animals, but for everyone’s 安全ty we ask that they be contained.

During the scheduling of your appointment (book your cleaning here), you will be asked to enter in your credit card information. 类似于预订酒店房间, 这些信息将在雷竞技官网入口批准完成后进行维护和处理. Online payment is not necessary, however. You can also make your payment to the servicing team member directly in cash or check, again upon the fulfillment of your appointment.

答案很简单:没有. Once you have booked your appointment online, one of our team members will contact you to discuss any particulars about the service. 作为这次接触的一部分, 只要告诉我们你计划离开的时间并告诉我们你想让我们如何进入你的家. If you wish to supply us with a key to your home, 我们将非常乐意安排上门取货(如果您设定一个雷竞技官网计划,提供给我们一份钥匙的副本将是非常有益的). 如果您想在预约当天提供一把钥匙,您可以告知我们钥匙的位置(我们建议不要将钥匙放在门垫下). Another option would be to provide us with the code to enter through your garage. Any method you choose will be kept confidential so as to protect your home.

这不可能! 我们的 standards leave no room for dissatisfaction. 预约后, when one of our team members contacts you, we will ask for any specific instructions required to perform the service. 你还会再次被要求在清洁人员到达时,只是为了确保没有忘记. These notes are recorded on our detailed, room-by-room checklists which you will review upon completion of your home’s cleaning. If something was overlooked, your cleaner will not leave until the issue is resolved. This ensures your complete satisfaction with the service we provided!



“整洁的TN为我们的家做了很大的贡献. They showed up on time, were very professional and thorough. I would recommend them (and have) to anyone looking for a reliable cleaning service.

“我们在紧急情况下联系了整洁的TN,他们很快就派人来为下一位客人及时打扫我们的房子. 很好的服务!”



Need a quick cleaning to get back on track and start fresh? 我们的 one time cleaning service is a great choice.


太忙没时间打扫? Let our team of cleaners keep your house looking great with weekly, 每两周, 或每月雷竞技官网入口.


We can get your new home clean and ready or cleanup your old place when you move out. Use our form to 现在预约清洁.